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Video links into prisons for children with an incarcerated mother.

Keeping a strong relationship with children is important to developing strong family ties. However, travelling to visit in person can often be difficult, due to travel time and costs, or being hard to get to. Visiting may also be stressful for young children.

The Video Visits program moved into a new phase in 2018 to keep up with ever changing technology. It is currently piloting digital video visits at Tarrengower Prison. This provides a chance for children to visit mum via a direct digital link to a phone, tablet or computer in their home. This means that the children are in a safe and well known space for a quick chat with mum, or can have a bedtime story read to them IN BED!

Our staff liaise with the families to check their specific needs and ensure that all information required is collected and communication with the prison is efficient. They may also offer support and debriefing with the family by telephone, following the video visit. To be eligible for the program, children and supervising family members/carers must be on the mother’s approved visitation list.

For more information or to apply for the program, contact VACRO on (03) 9605 1900. 


Child-focused family therapy.  

The SKY counsellor works systemically to provide counselling for a child who has a loved one in contact with the adult criminal justice system, support to the carer and to the parent who may have been incarcerated. Counselling sessions can be with the child, young person, adult or whole family. This support is available to families at any stage of their family contact with the criminal justice system; during arrest, court process incarceration and/or release of a family member from prison. To be eligible for this service, the following criteria apply:

  • There must be a child in the family who is under 18 years of age    
  • The individual / family must have had some contact with the criminal justice system
  • The person attending counselling must want to attend (this is a voluntary service)

This support can assist with managing the impact of having a family member involved in the criminal justice system, or support an individual who themselves has had contact with the criminal justice system, to manage their own family issues. 

The wait list is currently closed. 

For further information contact VACRO on Tel: (03) 96051900 or visit our webpage of resources


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